The Dreary Days of Pre-Spring

Well, the Boss lived up to her promise/threat of a grooming.  At Pandion Ridge Luxury RV Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama (where even though it was cold, it was sunny) I got a much-needed bath. It took one full day to shampoo, rinse, and dry me and another to brush out and trim – what … Continue reading The Dreary Days of Pre-Spring


Did I Say Sunny Florida???

We’ve been in Florida for two weeks now and the sun has been out (and actually shinning) only about three times!  Furthermore, its been cold and incredibly windy.  Cold I like, but whenever it’s windy I get stuff in my eyes and ears… yuck! Our first stop was St. Augustine at the Stagecoach RV Park … Continue reading Did I Say Sunny Florida???

0 to 869 in 6 (Miles and Days, that is)…

We left home a day late (missing our first planned stop in Rehoboth Beach State Park in Delaware), just as the “bomb tornado” was ripping up the East Coast. Snow and temperatures were falling and winds were gusting, so we decided to change our route and head in a south-westerly direction, cutting out planned stops … Continue reading 0 to 869 in 6 (Miles and Days, that is)…

18 Dec 2017 – All Groomed and Ready to Go

In an effort to keep me clean and sweet-smelling, the Boss is keeping me prisoner in the house until we leave on January 3rd (or at least until Santa gets here with my presents), but then it's goodbye frozen lake, goodbye snow, goodbye icicles, goodbye howling winds, goodbye 10-degree temperatures.  Actually I like all those … Continue reading 18 Dec 2017 – All Groomed and Ready to Go