Kennebunkport, Maine

September 8 and 9…

When in southern Maine, we usually stay at Libby’s on the beach in York.  This time, for reasons unknown to me (and the Boss), Mr. Big decided to park it at the Hemlock Grove Campground in Kennebunkport.  As much as I missed hearing the roar of the ocean at night, I liked Hemlock Grove.  It was quiet and shady, with large evergreen and timber trees and lots of woodsy areas to walk about and explore.

The Boss’s craving for Blueberry Ice Cream (no pickles – ha, ha) took us out to Ben and Jerry’s on our first night, but she had to be satisfied with Coffee Mocha Chip  (I didn’t realize blueberries were ever out of season in Maine).  I of course got plain old vanilla, and even though I got the smallest cone and was the first one done, no one would share with me – you would think they were starving!

Saturday was a great day.  I got a quick brush-up and spray-down and afterwards looked pretty good –  for an old salty dog. Then, it was off to Dock Square (the touristy section of Kennebunkport) where we spent about two hours walking around, window shopping, and generally taking in the sights.  Happy to report that everyone loved me – the Boss calls me a “pet hog” but she is just jealous of all the attention I get.  She has, in the past, threatened to not take me – but it’s not my fault!

For lunch we headed to The Fisherman’s Catch on Wells Harbor in Wells; a dog-friendly restaurant that serves local seafood.  B&B are so strange… she orders Lobster Stew and a Fried Clam Roll, he orders Clam Chowder and a Lobster Roll (I guess opposites do attract – I personally like highly-manicured white French Poodles that wear diamond collars).  Anticipating a romp in the surf (for me), we made our way to Drake’s Island Beach – only to discover that NO DOGS Allowed before September 15; what a bummer!!!

As an aside, one of the founders of Wells, Maine was Edmund Littlefield (he actually built the first house there and had a gristmill on the Webhannet River at the Falls ).  Edmund was the Grandfather of Mary Littlefield, a first cousin of Deliverance Littlefield who married the Boss’s 10th Great-Uncle, Abraham Tilton.  And, small world, the Boss’s brother, Mike, is a golfing buddy of one Harold Hatch whose ancestor Samuel Hatch married Mary Littlefield!  I suspect that makes Mike and Harold “kissing cousins” ???  I have trouble keeping these things straight – seems like the Boss is related to almost everyone.

It’s started to rain, so time for my nap.

Later, Buster.




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