Camden, Maine

September 10 and 11…

Once again, Mr. Big has us sleeping in the woods – this time at Camden Hills State Park off US-1 in Camden.  The good news is that our site was big and shady and quiet; the bad news – no TV or phone.  He  didn’t actually cry about having to miss the Giants game on Sunday night, but he pouted for quite a while.  Finally the Boss talked him into driving us up to the summit of Mt. Battie to take in the panoramic views of Penobscot Bay.  Even with the Boss’s prattling on about the British and the Revolutionary War and the ships fighting in the Bay and chasing each other up and down the Penobscot River, I had a great time – and it didn’t even rain until we got back!

On Monday (a beautiful, warm, sunny day) we took a ride up along the Maine Coast to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory and the historic Fort Knox.

The bridge observatory is the tallest (of four) in the world with the others being in China, Slovakia and Thailand.  Mr. Big claims he is afraid of heights, so he didn’t take the one-minute elevator ride up (420 feet) to the top – he stayed with me down below, watching all the pretty girls pet me.

Fort Knox was the first and largest granite fort built in Maine and it is one of the best preserved fortifications on the New England seacoast.  Established in 1844 to protect the Penobscot River valley against a possible future British naval incursion, it never saw any action (I guess that’s why it is so well-preserved!).  The fort has many unique architectural features and the grounds are attractive and well-kept.  Amazingly, I was allowed to roam inside and out, and I wore myself out running up and down stairs, cruising through tunnels, and rolling on grassy embankments.

When we got back to Camden Hills, I collapsed on the floor of the Enterprise – big mistake!  B&B took it to mean that I wasn’t interested in a stroll and early dinner in Camden town, so they left me at home!  Just as well I suppose – they had lobster again, this time at Peter Ott’s on the Water.  With no doggie bags in tow, their hands were free to shop and take pictures in “the prettiest village in Maine.”

I hope tonight’s DVD is “All Dogs Go To Heaven” – I could use a break from all those MDK (Demolition Man) movies the Boss loves!

BTW, “You can’t get there from here,” Buster.




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