Bar Harbor, Maine

September 12, 13, and 14…

We tried a different campground on this visit to Mt. Desert Island, Mt. Dessert Narrows Camping Resort, which is sandwiched between Maine-3  and Frenchman’s Bay – just minutes way from the village of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park It was big and quiet with trees, fields, trails, and great views of the water.  It was also smokey at night (from all the real campers having fires) and swarming with mosquitoes!

On Wednesday we drove the Acadia Loop Road, making a zillion stops to take pictures and short walks along the coast (they had to be short – the hot, hot sunshine was too much for me and the Boss).  Acadia is my favorite National Park – it is the most dog-friendly and also the most scenic; the forests have the best trees and the ocean (although it was low-tide when we were there this time) pounds the rocks along the shore incessantly.  Even though the “season” was over (and all the little kiddies were back in school) the Park was crowded and finding places to park was difficult.  Glad we had the Jeep and not the Silverado pickup.  Worn out, we headed into Bar Harbor for shopping and lunch only to find ourselves at our old fave, the bustling Stewman’s Lobster Pound.  I got water to drink while the Boss devoured Scallops and Mr.Big scoffed down, once again, a Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder.  However, I shouldn’t complain – I was rewarded for being such a good dog with my own 3-bite vanilla ice cream cone.  After an hour or so  of walking around town, B&B completed their gift shopping (apparently there is a shortage of flannel shirts in Bar Harbor – the Boss was very upset) and we drove back to Desert Narrows where I collapsed on the cool green grass… B&B collapsed on the sofa in the air-conditioned coach!

Thursday was another hot and sunny day.  This time we drove to the summit of Cadillac Mountain (the highest point on the east coast of the U.S.) to take in the magnificent views of the fall foliage and the glaciated coastal and island landscape.  The Boss drug out her new 24mm wide-angle lens but forgot that she had to set the focusing on the lens as well as on the camera and consequently took a lot of “out of synch” photos, but she did discover her mistake and managed to get several good shots in the end.  Driving down to Northeast Harbor we had a good time and delicious lunch on the patio at the Docksider Restaurant.  Mr. Big’s “lobstah” roll was the best to date (as was my water)!

Friday morning we set out on a five-hour drive through Maine to Sherburne, New Hampshire – on our way to New York State.

Don’t forget to look at the pictures in the Photo Gallery – I’m looking very handsome.

Your friend, Buster.



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