Lake Placid, New York

September 16 and 17…

It took us six hours to drive from Shelburne, NH (we drove around Lake Champlain because I was the only one who wanted to take the ferry across) so when we finally got to our big-and-pretty site in the 100-Acre Wood area of the North Pole Resort in Wilmington, NY we were pooped and didn’t venture out until Sunday.

Wilmington is home to Whiteface Mountain and neighbors the village of Lake Placid, home to the 1980 (and 1939) Winter Olympics.  B&B spent time here when they were first married (about a hundred years ago) but for me, it was a first.  Not as “stuffy” as Bar Harbor and Camden – a lot of young, outdoorsy, athletic types that I could have some fun with.  To bad the places B&B wanted to visit (the Ausable River Chasm, the Ausable Gorge and Waterfalls, and the Ski Jump Training Center) all required either pre-purchased tickets or reservations or did not allow dogs!

In the end, we had a great walk in and around town, drove to the Keene Farmer’s Market for apples, and took the Veteran’s Memorial Highway to the summit of Whiteface where there is a castle, an observatory, and awesome views.

The Boss is in heaven – the fall foliage colors (although I can’t see them) are spectacular and keep her smiling.  Mr. Big is in heaven – Sunday night football.  I am in heaven – hot dogs for dinner!

PS… did I mention that the air here smells like Christmas trees?  Maybe that’s why our campground is called the North Pole Resort.





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