Watkins Glen, New York

September 19, 20, 21…

In Watkins Glen, Tuesday was laundry and grocery shopping day so we hung out at the ever-pretty and dog-friendly Watkins Glen KOA Resort, but Wednesday was Waterfall and Apple day and Thursday was the Lake Seneca Wine Trail day.

The Watkins Glen Gorge (which has nineteen waterfalls along a mile-and-a-half long trail) was closed to dogs so we ended up driving to see the Eagle Cliff Falls in Havana Glen Park and then the Chequaga Falls at the end of Main Street in the Village of Montour. I liked waking around in the woods, but the steps that wound up to the top of the Eagle Cliff Falls were steep and grated, with little metal spike-like thingies that hurt my paws, so – I refused to go up! Mr. Big and I waited at the bottom while the Boss did her thing. Afterwards, as Mr. Big had a craving for Apple Cider, we went to Reisinger’s Apple Country where once again, I had to stay in the Jeep. The apple trees were loaded with apples of all types and colors and there were pumpkins and fall flowers (zinnias??) galore, but what did B&B buy? apple cider donuts! and how many did I get? 0!

Today (Thursday) we had breakfast in and I guess the Boss was feeling sorry for me as she served me bits and pieces of scrambled eggs and bacon. Not good for me but yum, yum! Later, we headed north on Highway 14 – the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. First stop – Seneca Lake’s oldest winery, the Glenora Wine Cellars (no wine tasting, just pictures).

We stopped at several other wineries on the western side of the lake, including the Miles Wine Cellar which, according to National Geographic Travel, is the “most serenely gorgeous setting of any winery in the region.” Again – no tasting, only pictures of the grapes, the winery, and the surroundings – must be too early in the day for Mr. Big.  On the grounds was the biggest willow tree any of us had ever seen and I wanted to mark it as mine, but I was still a prisoner of the Jeep!

At the Seneca Shore Wine Cellars B&B finally did some tasting (five wines each – thirty minutes) and bought a bottle of red. The plan was to continue around to the eastern side of Seneca Lake (down Highway 414) and stop for a late lunch at one of the many advertised restaurants. Too bad they were either not open or closed to dogs! Oh, well – I was just as happy to return to Watkins Glen and have a refreshing bowl of water (no brewski for me) on the dockside patio of the Village Harbor Marina while B&B had a delicious-smelling lunch.

Tonight – Thursday Night Football!  Oh no, I forgot –no longer on ESPN, only the NFL Network which we don’t get. Sorry Mr. Big…

Tomorrow it’s back to Pennsylvania and Cherry Springs State Park for a Star Party – I can’t wait for that (well, I can, but the Boss can’t)!


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