Did I Say Sunny Florida???

We’ve been in Florida for two weeks now and the sun has been out (and actually shinning) only about three times!  Furthermore, its been cold and incredibly windy.  Cold I like, but whenever it’s windy I get stuff in my eyes and ears… yuck!

Our first stop was St. Augustine at the Stagecoach RV Park where we purchased a new washing machine (to replace our old one which had been leaking and was not fixable).  While there, all our time  was spent shopping for supplies and doing catch-up laundry, but it doesn’t matter as the weather was super ugly!

In Live Oaks, we stayed at the Suwannee River State Park (which I’m giving four bones)!  Our site was flat and level and it (the weather) was dry and warm enough to hike several of the park trails.  The forests in Florida are so different from those at home – there are palm trees, vines, Spanish moss, swampy areas, and alligators – and there are strange birds all around.  I even spotted a big rat-like creature that was looking for grubs to eat – Mr. Big called it an armadillo.  It didn’t scare me, so I didn’t bother to bark at it – I just did the Buster leap (all fours three inches off the ground).

Way down upon the Suwannee…

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We spent an entire week at our favorite Carrabelle Beach RV Resort, but it was so windy and cold and overcast that we didn’t even go to the beach!  We did, however (on one of the nicer days) drive to Wakulla Springs State Park (home of one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world)hoping to see manatees swimming up the Wakulla River.  Once there we hiked the trails but none took us anywhere near the river, so B&B decided to lock me in the Jeep and take a guided boat ride through the wildlife preserve (where Creature From the Black Lagoon and Tarzan movies were filmed).  I guess they had an enjoyable time as they yacked non-stop about all the different species they caught glimpses of.  Silly me; I thought that we were going to stop to eat on the way back to Carrabelle (it was way past my dinner time) but oh, no – we went home and had hot dogs!

At Wakulla Springs…

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The RV Park at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach was terrific.  We had a really large site that backed right up to the Grand Lagoon, to which I had my own little entrance and beach.  Too bad B&B were afraid of gators and wouldn’t let me go in over my paws!  The day of January 29th was sunny and still, so that night the Boss practiced her moon shots in preparation for the Super Blue Moon Eclipse of the 30th.  On the afternoon of the 30th the Boss was anxious to take pictures of the Space-X Rocket Launch, so we trekked out to the end of the peninsula for a wide-open south-eastern view over the Gulf of Mexico, but none us saw anything – Mr. Big said we were about 300 miles too far away. Surprise, surprise – Super Blue Moon Eclipse night was really cold and windy, so the Boss didn’t even venture outside – Mr. Big and I heard every excuse in the book!

On the Grand Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico…

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Right now, as I dog-speak, we are at the Gulf Islands National Seashore at Fort Pickens in Pensacola, our last Sate/National Park stop in Florida.  The Emerald Coast has the most beautiful beaches – white sands with turquoise, sea-green, cobalt blue, and deep purple water – the Boss loves it here.  Short of selling me, she would probably do anything to be able to buy a house on the beach.  And, as every 5 miles or so there is a “dog beach,” I could go for that but wait… I forgot that it gets up to 100 here in the summer – never mind!

Gulf Islands/Florida National Seashore…

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It’s cloudy and cold again today, so I’m glad we are heading out to Orange Beach, Alabama in the morning – even though I’ve been threatened with a bath (a gallon dog shampoo was recently purchased at PetSmart).

Hope you haven’t bet on the Eagles,


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