The Dreary Days of Pre-Spring

Well, the Boss lived up to her promise/threat of a grooming.  At Pandion Ridge Luxury RV Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama (where even though it was cold, it was sunny) I got a much-needed bath. It took one full day to shampoo, rinse, and dry me and another to brush out and trim – what torture (although I did look good on the end).  The resort was attractive with plenty of open space for me to walk but we never made it to the beach; you-know-who didn’t want me to get sandy and salty.

The two rainy and chilly days we spent at the Gulf Islands National Seashore/Davis Bayou in Ocean Springs, Mississippi were not much fun for any of us; we mostly huddled in the Winnebago and daydreamed of all the fun we would have in post Mardi-Gras New Orleans.

But alas, our dreams were dashed.  When we arrived at the French Quarter RV Resort the jacks on the Winnebago would not descend and the electronic stairs would not extend!  Day one we waited around for the Mobile RV Service, but they never showed.  Day two we waited until about 10:00 am when Mr. Big announced that they (B&B) were walking down to Café du Mond for café au laits and beignets – leaving me behind to guard things. The line at Café du Mond was almost a mile long, so they opted for breakfast at a nearby café.  No sooner had breakfast been served then the Mobile RV Service called to say they were “on the way.”  About four hours later, a new chassis battery had been installed in the Winnebago and the jacks (but not the steps) were working.  So much for New Orleans…

In Louisiana we stayed at two State Parks, Tickfaw in Springfield and Sam Houston Jones, in Lake Charles (in between, at Dixie RV, we stopped and had the electronic steps on the Winnebago replaced) – four dreary days of gloom and cold.  At least B&B had books to read; all I did was eat and sleep!


Sam Houston Jones 

I don’t know if we’re following the bad weather or the bad weather is following us!  Texas has big, wonderful State Parks, but it rained almost constantly, sometimes torrentially, at our first three State Park stops: Martin Dies Jr. in Jasper (which was mostly under water and all the trails were closed), Brazos Bend in Needville (where, according to a fellow RVer, all the trails were covered in alligators), and Palmetto in Gonzales (where we did manage to get in an unplanned hike – thanks to my insistence).  While in Brazos Bend, B&B made the trip to Houston to visit the NASA Johnson Space Center where the Boss bought herself yet another flight jacket.  Also, Mr. Big got himself a stuffed alligator to ride on the dashboard of the Winnebago – I got NADA.

Martin Dies, Jr. 

Brazos Bend

Driving through East Texas we stopped for a day in the cutsey tourist trap of Fredericksburg where B&B walked around town and then treated themselves to a most delicious German dinner of Wiener Schnitzel, Bratwurst, and of course, German Beer (no doggie bag for me!).  After two overnights in Fort Stockton and San Angelo, we arrived at Davis Mountains State Park, 16 miles down the mountain from the McDonald Observatory.


Each one of the four days we stayed at Davis Mountains was overcast and cold, but the nights were relatively clear, and the night sky was beautiful.  One night B&B attended a special observing session at the Observatory; through the 82” telescope they viewed several Messier Objects (M52 and M37), the Orion Nebula, the Eskimo Nebula, the Hubble Variable Nebula, the Cigar Galaxy, the Intergalactic C-25 Wanderer (a globular cluster with up to 200,000 stars), Betelguese (the bright yellow-orange star in the Orion Constellation), a cone-shaped nebula, and a butterfly shaped nebula.  In addition to being awed, they were frozen and quite tired when they got back.  On our last night they attended a Star Party (one of the Boss’s favorite type of events) at the Observatory, but bummer – a huge cloud bank had rolled in and the party was cancelled!  Karma… I should have been allowed to attend the Star Party as I promised to not knock down any astronomers or their telescopes, but the Boss was adamant, “no way.”

Davis Mountains

Three more stops in Texas and then, New Mexico.
Wish us sunshine on our shoulders,


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