Summer is Officially Over!

Crawling through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois in the hot, overcast, humid, unbearable weather, we finally made it to Grain Valley Missouri, a bastion of the Philipsheck Clan, where the temperature hovered around 100 and the sun beat down like a heat lamp and it was as dry as the Sarah desert!  Thank the Big Dog that our air conditioning is working well, because I was forced to stay in the Winnebago for the entire three days that the Boss and Mr. Big partied with Uncle Mike and were being treated like royalty.  When I heard there was to be a family picnic I was really miffed that I would not be going, but I guess it was for the best because the heat precluded any outside activities and the picnic moved indoors where, with all the human feet, I could not have possibly scrounged for scraps under the kitchen table.  BTW, the word “picnic” did not originate with crowds gathering to witness a lynching!

The Missouri Philipshecks, most of them anyway…

While in Missouri, we stayed overnight in a campground – Lazy Day in Danville – that both B&B agreed was the most attractive ever. Of course the Boss took pictures – check them out in the Photo Gallery!

On Saturday, September 22, at 8:54 pm, while we were at the KOA in Wakeeney, Kansas, Autumn arrived – I am so glad, it means that my kind of weather is right around the corner.

Me on the 1st morning of fall:

The 1st morning of fall, 2018



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1 Response to Summer is Officially Over!

  1. Bob Barbara & Bradi Girl says:

    Buster we can not wait to see you. I have low caloric treats for you and Bradi. Looking forward to seeing the BIG GUY and the Boss of course. 😘😘😘😘Barb Bob and Bradi Girl XO

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