Not Dorothy’s Kansas!

Dodge City, Kansas was a bust! I’m thinking “big cowboy town with horses and Wyatt Earp and outdoor patio restaurants.” How wrong was I – dogs were not allowed anywhere and the Museum and Shops were (according to the Boss) rather lame.  The only exhibits she liked were those of the old-time Handcuffs (???) and Shoes, and the only thing she purchased was a pop-up postcard for her friend Adrienne which, immediately after addressing and stamping, she managed to loose!

“Get Out of Dodge”

RJ’s RV Park in Garden City left everything to be desired (Mr. Big gave it a “dog” rating on Google – what the heck does that mean?). The Boss had to rake out the goathead burrs from legs and paws twice a day (boy did that hurt) and Mr. Big spent his leisure time sweeping the sand and tumbleweed (carried in by me, of course) off the Winnebago floor. They did manage, however, to find an OHV area called Syracuse Sand Dunes, where they spent a couple hours ATVing and then lunching at very colorful “Las Margarita’s” Mexican restaurant.

Our front-window view of the Wind-Turbine Storage Facility next to RJ’s RV Park

Every day, up until we reached Elkhart, it was hot and sunny then, overnight, it became very cold and foggy with the humidity at almost 100%.  No one went out, except when I needed a walk – even the planned ATV ride on Turkey Trail in the Grasslands National Park was nixed. I’ve been cooped up in the Motorhome for so many days that I can’t wait until we have left Kansas, my birthplace and the home of that silly dog Toto, behind!

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