Two Weeks in New Mexico

New Mexico has always been one of my favorite states to visit – sunny and warm with beautiful blue skies and white fluffy clouds.  Well, not this year, but of course we are usually here in the late spring, not in the early fall!

In Taos we stayed at the attractive and big-dog-friendly Taos Valley RV Park where each site was named after some historical south-western figure. Ours was the “Joe Smith” site (does anyone know who that was ???), and when we first pulled in Mr. Big thought the site actually belonged to Joe and that we were just renting it for a few nights – I got a real laugh out of that.  The Aspens were turning gold on the mountainsides and when the sun finally emerged from behind the dark clouds, the views were stunning.  We made our treks to the Taos Valley Ski Area (where we had a great lunch at Tim’s Stray Dog Cantina) and the Rio Grande Gorge and the Boss took a million pictures of trees and stuff.

Onwards to Santa Fe, where – once the sun came out – we ventured to Old Town, where I was treated to lunch (a seat on the ground under the table, anyway) in the incredibly crowded La Casa Sena Restaurant and a walk through the Market Square where I was accosted by dozens of humans who were missing their own dogs. The Boss had left her wallet behind and Mr. Big had mousetraps in his pockets, so no purchases other than postcards that day!

At last, Albuquerque and the Balloon Fiesta.  Bradi, my girlfriend from New York and a fellow Potholer, was our next-door neighbor at the Enchanted Trails RV Park, and her humans took real good care of me – lots of treats and pets!  I spent Sunday afternoon and Wednesday morning alone while B&B took a shuttle bus to the Fiesta.  Saturday night had presented a great sunset, but on Sunday it was windy and overcast with sporadic showers so the Fiesta Balloon Glow, Light Show, and Fireworks were cancelled – BUMMER!  The Balloon Museum, however, was open so the evening was not a total loss.  Wednesday morning at 5:00 am the shuttle carted the Potholers (this was a Potholer Reunion!) to the Balloon Fiesta balloon field for the “mass ascension”.  It was touch and go (due to the wind) until about 7:30 am when the green flag went up – balloons were laid out, inflated, and released into the mild wind to head east over the mountains.  B&B made their way up on a berm where they could view the entire field and get pictures of the balloons being inflated and rising up in the air.  Although she took over 100 pictures, the Boss (not wanting to bore anyone) opted to post only a select few – check out her picks in the Gallery!

Getting a late start on Thursday, we arrived in Gallup just as the sun was setting – what a beautiful sky. Weather reports are predicting snow on Sunday (tomorrow), but we are heading to Winslow, Arizona so I won’t be frolicking in my favorite precipitation.

Your amigo, Buster.


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I'm not really a bad dog, just a super spoiled - but very handsome - Newfie...
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