From the Corner in Winslow, Arizona to Death Valley, California

Some things never change; i.e., the mile-wide Meteor Crater and the Corner and the Flat-Bed Ford in Winslow, AZ .  It was cold in Winslow and even though walking through town and having a patio lunch are two of my favorite activities, I would rather have been napping by a fireplace!  The meteor crater looks the same as it did the last time we visited, only now you can’t hike down to the bottom – you can only take a guided one-hour tour around the rim. My delicate paws don’t do well on sharp, smashed-up rocks and Mr. Big wasn’t up for it, so the Boss took a few pics and we made tracks.

Rim of Meteor Crater

The drive to Lake Powell was long, and it rained the entire way, but the Waheep Lodge RV Park (where we stayed overnight) was really nice with terrific views of the lake and long, wide sites.  I wish we could have spent more time there and explored the famous canyons, but B&B were hot to get to Utah and ride the ATV.

Lake Powell


On the way to Kanab

Glendale, UT is about 20 miles from Kanab and was originally named Berryville – for the Berry family that settled the area (most of whom were killed by Indians in the mid 1800s).  We stayed at Bauers Canyon RV Park, the site of one of the Berry farms, and marveled at all the apple and plum trees that were bursting with fruit.  We made one trek into Kanab and were  disappointed that almost everything was closed, even the restaurants – evidently the season was over!  Mr. Big did some clothes shopping (purchasing yet another “Johnny Cash” shirt) and the Boss picked up a handbag with a concealed-weapon pocket – I wonder what she is trying to hide, treats for me?  Carting the ATV to the amazing Coral Pink Sands State Park, they spent a day riding the dunes; what fun – for them!

Berryville Plums

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT – another ATVer’s dream (but a nightmare for Newfies).  Two of our three days there were spent with B&B traversing the dunes and trails and me being bored to death, alone in the Enterprise.  Too bad the GoPro took a dive and there is no video of their first, most exciting, ride! The park was very picturesque – mountains, a reservoir, and an almost full moon; the Boss got her picture-taking fix!

Sand Hollow State Park


On the cliff at the top of the park


Incredible colors!

More riding in Mesquite! The Logandale Trails OHV area in Moapa Valley offered great views of jagged, red mountains but not all trails were passable (due to high, soft-sand dunes or big boulders) so it became a long in-and-out ride with not so much excitement. Oh, well – I was certainly excited when they left me to go to the local Casino….

Can’t get there from here…

The Boss plans to put a portion of their Logandale Trails OHV ride up on YouTube, so keep a lookout!

Las Vegas sucks! We stayed at the (horrible) Hitchin’ Post RV Park north of town, near Nellis Air Force Base, and the flight path of the jets (which flew 7am to 7pm) was 200 yards directly over out heads.  The noise was earsplitting – I couldn’t stay outside least my eardrums burst, but a road trip to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and then through the Valley of Fire State Park provided a pleasant diversion; the weather was perfect and the scenery was outstanding.

Can you see the setting moon?

Approaching the Valley of Fire

Love the colors!


So, here we are at the Death Valley RV Park in Beatty, NV “Gateway to Death Valley.”  The planned ATV excursions did not occur (Mr. Big could not find a place to purchase the required permit) which was great for me – I got to go to Death Valley!  I wasn’t allowed to walk any trails (too hot, anyway) but I had my head out the window while we drove – wind blowing through my long black hair, sniffing all the “wonderful” smells of the desert(?).  We did both ends of the Park, the North end to see the Ubehebe Crater, the Mesquite Flat Dunes, and Stovepipe Wells and, the next day near sunset, the South end to stop at Furnace Creek Visitor Center and Zabriskie Point (where Mr. Big and I waited down below in the truck while the Boss made the climb to the top to take pictures). On the ride back, the sunset was magnificent – the sky and clouds were all the colors of the rainbow (I’m colorblind, so personally I wasn’t impressed) and it lasted almost an hour.

Western towns have great “welcome” signs

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes and the Ubehebe Crater…

Near Sunset at Zabriskie Point…


Today the Enterprise will be crossing the border into California where we will be for over a month.  I hope it’s not so dusty and cloudy there.

PS… The change to Pacific Time and then, a few days later, the end of Daylight Savings has me quite confused; I don’t even know when it’s time to eat or time for bed!

Adios for now! Buster.







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