Searching for a New Look

Please excuse the upcoming (and most likely frequent) changes in the format of Buster’s Blog – we are searching for a new look.  It’s only been three months since our dear boy left us (January 18. 2019) and Bob and I are still adjusting to the emptiness in our lives – one which we hope to fill with a new Newfie pup.  So, we have sent out several puppy request forms and  have made plans to stop at “the Nationals” (a specialty show for Newfoundlands in Michigan) on our way home to meet up with several breeders.  We agree that Buster won’t mind, he was such good dog and he would have loved a brother.  Also, my friend Adie (whose daughter is a Vet) has put us in touch with a potential rescue Newfie, and we will be going to Delaware in late May to check him out.

I anticipate continuing our travels (with a new boy or boys) and maintaining the blog, but I am at a loss as to what title to use in place of “Travels With Buster.” Any thoughts??

In memory of Buster, his last picture – On the Colorado River in Nevada…

Buster – January 10, 2019



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I'm not really a bad dog, just a super spoiled - but very handsome - Newfie...
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1 Response to Searching for a New Look

  1. Cynthia M Caskey says:

    Sorry for your loss.


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