"Bones" Voyage

Beginning the Adventure in Delaware

Lums Pond State Park in Bear, Delaware is a “suburban” State Park with an attractive campground and very old, large pine trees, oaks, maples, and sycamores and mucho grass, but also many puddles (from previous torrential rains). Because of Halloween, kids abounded (unlike my predecessor, Buster, I love kids) and at night there many lit-up RVs with smelly campfires that produced the dreadful smoke.

During the day, while hooked up outside the Winnebago, I tried to eat the ashes in the firepit, splash in puddles, wallow in mud, and bark at and play with ALL the other dogs and kids, but Mr. Big put a nix on those activities and I spent most of the time indoors, playing with Lambchops – my favorite toy.

Lums Pond was more like a lake; big, beautiful, and peaceful with many hikers and bikers.  I was not allowed to get my feet wet no less go for a swim, but I was happy enough just to stroll around and sniff every plant and tree trunk.  There were very few leaves on the trees, but the fall colors were still quite vibrant and the Boss got some nice pics.  On one freezing evening the Boss spent time outside by herself – taking pictures in the dark (she must have been afraid that I would knock her camera over).  Evidently, although brimming with light pollution, the night sky was pretty with the crescent Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter on the ecliptic and the constellation of Sagittarius hanging low.

Speaking of the Boss, she got an Apple Watch for Christmas (the baby couldn’t wait another two months) and an iPhone (donated by my BFF, Thaedra) and Mr. Big had to drive her to the nearby Christiana Mall to the Apple Store for help in setting it up – what a nightmare – glad they left me behind! She now has more toys than I!

Excited about being near Christiana, Delaware the Boss started rattling on about her ancestors, some of whom were the first settlers of Christiana Hundred in Maryland and owned large plantations. Don’t tell her I said so, but how boring… she’s the only one that cares!

So now I’m off to bed, tomorrow is moving day.

Your buddy, Bad to the Bone “Bones.”

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the Gallery

3 replies to “Beginning the Adventure in Delaware

    1. Oh you adorable Bones we love hearing from you. So glad you keep us old folks in the loop. Have fun and keep the Boss and Mr Big in line. Their hard to handle. 😀🐾 A new friend Charlie. 🐾

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