"Bones" Voyage

Virginia is for Lovers?

I really liked First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach!  The sand was soft and cool on my pads and the air smelled great. It was a long walk from our site to the beach, but it was worth it. At 7am there was no one else out and about (not that there were many other campers anyway – it’s November remember), so we had the sand and surf to ourselves. For some reason, Mr. Big thought that I would tale off (for where I don’t know) so I was not allowed off-leash, however I managed romp in the sand and eat some, too.

Our only day trip was to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, a very boring excursion. Yes, is was very pretty with manicured lawns and gardens bordering the attractive condominiums, hotels, and (closed-for-the-season) restaurants, but very sterile – not my kind of fun. There were people on the beach using the workout area, but they looked like TV celebrities – made up and dressed to kill. I did see the Boss covertly eyeing up a young, well-muscled man who was running down the boardwalk, but his nose was in the air and he was moving fast. She should have dressed in her unused-to-date gym outfit and silver sneakers – he might have glimpsed her way, maybe…

Things that I really didn’t exactly enjoy include the noise of the Navy Jets doing maneuvers overhead and the goathead burrs that attached themselves to my hairy body at every turn.

This morning we awoke to gale-force winds and look forward to heading out to Kill Devil Hills and the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the weather forecast isn’t looking good – however it’s 9 degrees and icy at home!

Stay cozy everyone,

P.S. Check out the Pics the in the Gallery!
P.P.S. Virginia Beach is for young people with money!

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