"Bones" Voyage

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

More long walks to the beach, more sunshine, and more (my kind of) cold weather!  The Boss is in a grumpy mood because her camera seems to be malfunctioning – Mr. Big and I think she just needs more practice using it.  She also is complaining that she is sick of seafood. Huh! she should walk a mile in my shoes; I’ve had nothing but Purina Puppy Food for 7 months – 3 times a day!

We stayed at the OBX Campground (OBX stands for Outer Banks) in Kill Devil Hills, right next door to the Wright Brother’s Memorial Park in Kitty Hawk, but didn’t visit – too cold? or too many kids?  Mr. Big told me that he and the Boss, along with my BFF Thaedra, had been to Kitty Hawk about 35 years ago – when there were hardly any beach houses, condos, stores, restaurants, or people, and far less traffic, and that he has a kite to prove it (duh, what’s a kite?).

My growing pains are sporadic, and I was feeling pretty good on our drive to Nags Head to go to Jennette’s Pier and to the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. No dogs were allowed at Jennette’s, so Mr. Big and I waited in the parking lot while the Boss paid $2 to check it out.  She came back smiling – some kid who was fishing off the pier had caught a small shark.  Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge was a bust – other than me there was NO wildlife; I must have scared everything off, wild thing that I am!

So much walking and jumping made me so tired that after my 5pm feast and a little play time with Mr. Big, I passed out with my head on a couch pillow and my stuffed moose in my mouth.  Ahh, a dog’s life…

Night, all!
The mighty Bones

P.S.  Check out the Gallery for new Pics!

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