"Bones" Voyage

State Parks on the South Carolina Coast

Huntington Beach State Park near Muriel’s Inlet, South Carolina was a really nice park on the ocean, but the weather was horrible:

Day one: Gale force winds and freezing rain – even I didn’t want to go out, so the Boss and I did laundry while Mr. Big napped all day.

Day two: Windy and very cold, but we managed to buck up and hit the beach after breakfast. The sun eventually came out and the Boss wanted to visit the renowned Brookwood Gardens, but after stepping out for 30 seconds, she decided that it was way to cold for any flora or fauna or people, so we settled in for all-day Sunday football. Between games Mr. Big and I drove the Boss around the park so she could take pictures of alligators, but unfortunately they must have been hiding in some warm place, so she had to make do with shooting sunset views.  Oh, too bad – I have never seen an alligator (and I’m really tired of being drug out to see sunsets).

Hunting Island State Park is near Beaufort, South Carolina and it must have been very beautiful at one time, but after hurricanes Matthew and Irma, there isn’t much left of the camping area. More than 200 beach sites were wiped out, 2600 trees were destroyed and had to be removed, all the dunes were flattened, and 15 to 20 feet of beach were swallowed up!  The beach is still beautiful and there are trails and boardwalks for wildlife viewing (mostly birds) and even a lighthouse, but I don’t think it will ever be the same.  The little seaside town of Beaufort was just a short ride away so B&B left me behind one day to go do touristy things.  The Boss doesn’t like to take me when she has serious shopping to do – she says it’s too annoying to have everyone stopping us and asking about me and taking my picture (I believe that she is just jealous). I didn’t want any peach ice cream anyway!

I turned 7 months old this past week and my ears are starting to not be too long for my head (my head must be getting bigger).  I can’t wait until I’m 2 years old and don’t have these growing pains anymore!

Think good thoughts, everyone!  Your buddy, Bones.

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the South Carolina pics in the Gallery!

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