"Bones" Voyage

Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia

Two out of our three days in Savannah, Georgia were spent, by B&B, Christmas shopping at Arts and Crafts events; “Christmas in the South” at the Convention Center and the “River Street Holiday Festival” on the waterfront.  I was allowed to accompany them to historical River Street where walking on the cobblestone and brick drives and walkways was not easy, but I had a great time. The brush-up I had to submit to beforehand was torture, but it paid off – everyone loved me and I had more treats, pets, romps, and pictures taken than ever! By the time we got home I was exhausted and promptly passed out for about three hours, conveniently missing Sunday afternoon football and waking up just as dinner time rolled around. The RV Park we stayed, Red Gate Farms, was good for me – a big grassy area in the center with lakes, horses, and goats off to the side. I so wanted to play with the goats but, just like the horses, they wanted nothing to do with me!

Blythe Island Regional Park in Brunswick, Georgia was ok, quiet and dark, but our site was facing north with trees galore to the west, south, and east – blocking sunsets, sunrises, and the pretty parts of the night sky – oh well, you can’t have everything! The Boss had to have Mr. Big drive her all the way (a whopping 1/4 mile) to the Marina where she did get pictures of a great sunset and Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and Saturn lined up on the Ecliptic – passersby were in awe when she pointed out that beautiful sight!. Oh, and there were a zillion “Peter Rabbits” running wild all over the park, but as much as I whined and barked, I couldn’t catch any.  How distressing.

We were close enough to the “Golden Coast” (St. Simons and Jeckyll Islands) that there was plenty to do.  On St. Simons Island we walked around the Fort Frederica National Monument for several hours. Fort Frederica was established in 1736 by James Oglethorpe to protect the southern boundary of his new colony of Georgia from the Spanish in Florida – colonists from England, Scotland, and the Germanic states came to Georgia to support this endeavor. The grounds were beautiful; giant oak trees laden with Spanish Moss, footprints of mid-18th century homes, businesses, and military buildings.

Our next stop was the Christ Church which was located in a serene setting formed by native live oaks, holly and cedar trees. On the site of Christ Church, John and Charles Wesley preached before returning to England to found the Methodist Church.

Lastly, we stopped at the Bloody Marsh battle site. In 1742, during the War of Jenkins’ Ear, English and Spanish forces fought in an encounter later known as the Battle of Bloody Marsh. The name came from old tales claiming the marsh “ran red with the blood of Spaniards”.  However, official Spanish records indicate that only seven grenadiers died during the battle which was declared a British victory, ending the Spanish claim to Georgia.

On Jekyll Island we hit Driftwood Beach which was a really neat place.  We had been told to go when the tide was out, but that happened at around 1:00am, so we ended up getting there about 8:30am and got our paws wet traipsing around!  Afterwards, I got a piece of cold bacon, leftover from a reportedly delicious breakfast at the Sunrise Grille – why couldn’t have one of those Bloody Marys???

Thanksgiving was celebrated by doing laundry and having a delicious motorhome-cooked turkey dinner with all the trimmings… Bob Evans mashed potatoes are actually pretty good!

The bugs in Georgia bite and the poor Boss has itchy welts on all the parts of her body that were not covered (hands, face, and neck). Mr. Big and I were immune for some reason; I suspect that my puppy fur protects me and that Mr. Big is just too smelly (to insects at any rate)?

Look out Florida, we’re on the way!
Your Buddy, Bones.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Georgia pics in the Gallery!

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