"Bones" Voyage

Tricked by Linda Ronstadt

On our way to Texas we passed through Mississippi and Louisiana, making stops at Buccaneer State Park in Waveland, MS (once the stomping grounds of the French pirate Jean Lafitte and our own 7th President, Andrew Jackson) and in LA, New Orleans, Saint Martinville, and Lake Charles.

On that ten-day sojourn there was exactly one sunny, warm day; luckily for B&B that day was in New Orleans and they were able to wander around the French Quarter and devour Beignets at the famous Café Du Monde. Every other day was either rainy or overcast and cold and I was confined, unhappy, to the Winnebago.

Saint Martinville lies on the Bayou Teche in the Atchafalaya Basin (the largest swamp in the US) and smack in the middle of this swamp is Lake Fausse Pointe State Park where we stayed (mostly alone) for three nights!  I’ve been told there is a peculiar beauty to the “Cajun Country” wetlands once occupied by the Chitimacha Indians, the French, Spanish and Acadians (French-speaking exiles from Canada better known today as Cajuns) – but all I experienced were trees underwater and huge mosquitoes.  On one late afternoon there were violent thunderstorms and hailstones the size of golf balls – what fun.  Not the Blue Bayou any of us were expecting!

The Borrow Pit Canal in the West Atchafalaya Basin




All the trails were flooded


Bones, proud of his stick!


Check out the high-water marks!


Between rains…


The two nights we spent at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles on the Calcasieu River were not much better weather-wise, but at least there were other campers.  In fact there were many other campers – all seemingly from somewhere called LSU and all decked out in purple and yellow with stuffed tigers on the dashboards of their motorhomes. Yikes! But then they all loved me, and I can’t get enough “stranger” love…

and the sun pops out for a brief half hour!


Well, bye for now. Your wet and muddy friend,


ps… The Boss didn’t venture out to often for pics – she thinks the pretty pics she saw online of the State Parks we visited must have been Photoshopped.

One reply to “Tricked by Linda Ronstadt

  1. After another litany of crap weather, I can only observe that it was 65°F in Antarctica yesterday. That said the ferry service is sketchy and the roads are bad frequently ending in a crack that would swallow your RV. Good to hear from you Cliff Campen


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