"Bones" Voyage

Hello Texas!

Rain, rain, rain!  The Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe was a bust; it was so wet and ugly that the three of us stayed huddled in the Winnebago for two days, only venturing out to hike down to the Bravos River so the Boss could take pictures.  I wanted her to get a shot of the giant worm that I drug inside but she was not in the mood for my pranks and squished him in a tissue. Will the sun ever come out again?

Northwest to Bastrop and the second on our list of Texas State Parks. The campground in Bastrop State Park was the best – big sites and scenic vistas, but unfortunately a fire and then floods had swept through the area several years back, leaving a stark (but nevertheless beautiful) landscape.  Although the sun was shining, it was very cold.  I of course was fine, but Mr. Big had to get out his winter coat and the Boss her long underwear!  Bastrop State Park lies near the (Texas) Colorado River and is right next door to Buescher State Park. Thinking that something interesting and fun to do might be going on in Beuscher, one day we drove the ten miles only to find more of the same – nothing!

Inks Lake State Park is in Burnet County, Texas – the “Hill Country.”  Driving there in the Winnebago was a real trip!  As we got closer, taking the steep hills and curves at 50 mph was like being on a roller coaster – exciting but scary.  Luckily all the drawers and cabinets stayed closed and nothing fell on my head!  In itself, Inks Lake was disappointing – the water level was down (by design) about 15 feet, making the shoreline muddy and stinky.  I had been promised a swim, but the Boss made sure I didn’t even get close to the edge.  One of the attractions in the Park was the Devil’s Water Hole, where no-sense-no-feeling young people jump off cliffs into the lake, so we hiked out to watch the fun.  Too bad there was no deep water (even the waterfalls were barely flowing) and it was way to cold, even for all the macho males looking to jump, to strip down to their skivvies.  The only wildlife we spotted were Pelicans that swam in circles up and down the lake looking for food – the dopey Boss mistook them for swans and got all excited.   A nearby town, Marble Falls, promised several attractions, including “the most photographed house in Texas”, the Bluebonnet House.  We all knew it was too early for beautiful  bluebonnets, but were truly distressed by the Bluebonnet House – it had been abandoned for several years and was in a total state of disrepair; evidently the owner, being unhappy with the amount of traffic and gawking tourists, picked up his ball and went home!

By the time we left Inks Lake, I was no longer a pretty black and white, I was brownish black and dingy – and being threatened with a hot soapy bath.  Oh, noooo.

Stay warm! You buddy, Bones

Ps.. check out the pics in the Texas Gallery!

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