There and Back Again

Lookout Maine, Here We Come

We’re getting ready for our first excursion since March, 2020 when the Pandemic forced us to cut short our visits to State Parks around the South and Texas. I got my summer ‘puppy cut” and the Boss got a new Tripod – Mr.Big got the bills! This two-week trip is really a test to ensure the Winnebago is in good working order for Trip #20 (to California) and we are only going up to Northern Maine (on the Canadian Atlantic Border) and back making stops in:

Morrisville, Vermont
1. Lunch and shopping in the Village of Stowe
2. The Green Mountain Distillers and the Rock Art Brewery
3. Soaring?

Canaan, Maine
Lake George!

Eastport, Maine (our primary destination)
Eastport was settled initially by the French and it was known for smuggling early in the 19th century. The main island is called Moose and is connected by a causeway to the mainland of the USA. The islands are located between Cobscook Bay and Passamaquoddy Bay, the latter known for its tides and strong currents. Eastport is the deepest natural harbor on the eastern seaboard of the USA. It never freezes over and, for many decades, the main activity was catching and curing fish. What do we plan to do in Eastport?

  1. Eat Lobster!
  2. Visit Shackford State Park – named after John Shackford – a revolutionary soldier – it covers an area of 87 acres and has miles of hiking trails which overlook small beaches and secluded coves.
  3. Whale Watching in Passamaquoddy Bay – In the months of summer and fall, there is an excellent chance of not only seeing a range of whales but also seals, porpoises and dolphins
  4. Visit the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse & State Park – the lighthouse, in candy-colored stripes, dates to 1858, although another stood there 50 years earlier. It is the easternmost in the USA and looks out over Quoddy Channel, the border of the U.S. and Canada, towards the huge red cliffs in New Brunswick of Grand Manan Island.
  5. Take a charter to see the Old Sow – Charter companies offer a wide range of tours out to sea; one that is especially interesting takes in a real natural wonder, the Old Sow. The Old Sow in Passamaquoddy Bay, northeast of Moose Island, is thought to be the largest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere.
  6. Walk around Eastport City; i.e. Shopping
  7. Drive to the Bay of Fundy?

Conway, New Hampshire
1. B&B will be taking the Conway Scenic Railroad’s Mountaineer scenic 5 to 5 ½ hour rail journey through the Mount Washington Valley and over the rugged Crawford Notch – without me
2. White Water Rafting – again without me!

Arlington, Vermont
1. Scenic drive up Mt. Equinox
2. Lunch!

Originally the plan was to go up only as far as Camden, Maine but Mr.Big couldn’t get reservations anywhere within a 50-mile radius. Even up into Belfast and Bar Harbor everything was FULL – everyone in the world is out and about and there are hardly any RV Parks or Campgrounds that have sites available. Is it the kids not being in school or all the persons not working???

Oh well, looks like we are in for some fun… hoping the Boss’s friend Lois and her hubby Jeff can join us at some point – I love company!

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