There and Back Again

I Left My Heart in Vermont

The beautiful Green Mountains, the quaint villages, the crystal-clear rivers and streams, and that Yankee “you can’t get theya from heeya” attitude now fill my dreams.  We stayed at the MountainView Campground in Morrisville, just outside of Stowe and I was in Paradise.  It was big, open, and lush green with the Lamoille River running through it.  At least two times a day we walked down to the river where I was allowed to play in the swift rapids and swim in the deep holes.  B&B had lunch without me in Stowe Village – at the Green Goddess – but they did take me with them on a drive up Mt. Mansfield on the Stowe Toll Road.  Wow, it was really steep and is open only in the summer months for a few hours a day.  Close to the top of the Mountain, at an old ski hause (not the summit which was a mile long uphill hike rated difficult), the Boss spent time taking pictures while Mr. Big and I chatted it up with some people who evidently had never met a Newfoundland before; they couldn’t keep their hands off me (I was too hot to resist so I let them all pet me for what seemed like a lifetime).  I can’t wait until we come back in the winter when it is ice-cold and there is plenty of snow for me – and Grog for them!  Onwards to Maine…

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