Halfway thru October, Halfway thru Tennessee

We left home on October 01, headed out west and ultimately to California and spent our 1st night in the most horrible Western Village Campground in Carlisle, PA.  The only excitement -while on my morning constitutional around the outlying perimeter of the campground, the Boss discovered an old home foundation with just the fireplace left – it had a tree growing out of it! It was obvious the tree needed watering, but I was not allowed to perform that task…

A Tree Grows in Fireplace?

Our 2nd night was spent in the wonderful Shenandoah Valley Campground in Mt. Jackson, VA.  The campground was very picturesque with big sites and lots of green grass, and the Shenandoah and Appalachian Mountains rose high on both sides.  There was also a 4-bone dog park – I loved it there!

A 4-Boner!

Onward to the Ashland ATV Resort in Northfolk, WV for 3 nights and 2 days.  It was a rough trip; the Winnebago – towing the Silverado with the Razor loaded into its bed – could not make the 160֯ turn onto the campground access road so, blocking the road (and the traffic) we had to unhook the Silverado and reposition both vehicles.  At that point, it was decided to not hook back up so the Boss (driving the truck) followed Mr. Big (driving the Motor Home) and we continued on our merry way.  Then, our trusty Garmin GPS took the Winnebago up a dead-end dirt road where we had to go through more excruciating maneuvers to turn around and go back.  This time Mr. Big followed the Boss and, using Google Maps, she managed to find the Ashland Resort.  I mostly slept through the entire misadventure!  Once there, not only did we park and setup in the wrong site, we also stayed one night too long!  Despite all, we had a great time; everyone loved me “the big dog” (I had my picture taken a million times), the Resort was attractive (surrounded by cloud-enshrouded mountains and foggy every morning), and the Hatfield-McKoy Trail System was scenic and fun; B&B did the Pocahontas Trails and the Indian Ridge Trails, neither of which was very dusty (due to the fact that it rained every single night) and they were able to ride into the historic town of Bramwell, WV for a patio lunch – lucky dogs!

Back to VA and the Maggie Way Campground in St. Paul for 4 nights and 3 days.  B&B got lost again.   Their excuse: no AT&T service, no T-Mobile service, and the GPS kept losing the satellite.  Even stopping at a gas station (located, as it turns out, less than 2 miles away from our destination) for directions was a bust – the clerk had “never heard of that campground.”  Finally, Mr. Big got good directions at a local Rescue Squad Station (thank goodness for First Responders!) and we chugged into the campground only to find no office, no owner, and no host, so we picked a site and settled in; passenger-side wheels of the Winnebago off the ground and tilted back to front (all the sites were severely uphill/sidehill). Personally I loved the hills – fun to run up and down on!  Once again it poured every night but once again the ATV rides made up for everything; while I was imprisoned inside the Winnebago with nothing do to, B&B rode the Mountain View Spearhead Trails and enjoyed themselves immensely!

*** Notes on ATVing in Virginia and West Virginia: Permits are required and, for out-of-state riders, cost $90 for a yearly or $30 a day… what a RIP! 

While on our way to the Eagle Rock ATV Resort in Pioneer, TN for 4 nights and 3 days, the Winnebago suffered a BREAKDOWN at 11:00 am – just outside St. Paul on Alt 58 E. Thanks to Good Sam Emergency Road Service, we spent the night on the shoulder of the 4-lane highway (the Winnebago swayed every time a speeding coal truck passed; even I was nervous).  Finally, the Tow Truck showed up at 9:30 the next morning and we were carted into Kingsport, TN where we spent the next 2 nights in a Motel 6 waiting for Velocity Freightliner to repair the monster!  On Thursday the 14th we were back on the road and thankful to make it to Eagle Rock without any further mishaps.  B&B were sorry that, being reduced to an overnight stay, they were unable to hit the Trails.  I however was glad, I needed R&R!  PS… I hate Motels!

And there we were, halfway through October, at the Racoon Valley Campground in Chattanooga, TN for 4 nights and 3 days.  There was a 5-Bone Dog Park and lots of green, open spaces for the Boss and I to play.  I didn’t seen any sunset colors (not because I’m color blind, although I am), but the almost-full moon rising over Lookout Mountain was a sight to see – if I were a coyote instead of a newfie, I would have howled for joy. The Chattanooga traffic was a horrendous (all highways and roads bumper-to-bumper in all directions) and kept us from taking any day trips (I wanted to ride on the Chattanooga Choo-Choo) other than to Best Buy to purchase a new microwave and then, the next day, to Camping World to have it installed in the Winnebago (the old one blew up in St, Paul, VA). I just need to add a note about the trees in the campground; they were very odd with skinny, twisted trunks and what looked like grape nuts growing in bunches – not worth watering!

That’s it for now! I am “Bad to the Bone” Bones.

2 replies to “Halfway thru October, Halfway thru Tennessee

  1. Is that a castle on the hill (last photo) –

    Very very interesting pics – Bob looks good. Maybe he can take a pic of you for a change !


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