Zipping through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

Our last stop in Tennessee was in Manchester, TN where we stayed at the Manchester KOA. The campground had the best field ever – surrounded by woods (and filled with strange animals) – every morning I went for a half hour walk with the Boss, off leash, around the perimeter!  Not really a walk as I ran and jumped and sniffed until I was pooped out (literally). 

Too bad the KOA was so very close to the highway – the noise of passing trucks was louder than the snores of Mr.Big, and I had a hard time sleeping.  One overcast morning we visited the Old Stone Fort State Park where the Boss photographed waterfalls until we were all waterlogged, but it was a treat to hike in the woods.

Mr.Big chose to stay in Manchester because it is close to Lynchburg, the home of Jack Daniels with whom he is evidently good friends. He and the Boss took one afternoon to have lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s in Lynchburg (where all good Distillery workers eat) and another afternoon to tour the Distillery and sample as much whiskey as they could; I was surprised they made it back without someone getting a DUI.  I can’t help wondering if Miss Mary Bobo is a friend of the Boss – she’s always talking about Bobos at home?!

Mr.Big was especially impressed with one of Mary Bobo’s employee benefits; any Lynchburg High School Student who maintains grades above “C” can get a job there and if they maintain those grades and graduate while employed by Mary Bobo’s, they can attend the local Community College FOR FREE!

West Memphis, Arkansas, Tom Sawyer’s RV Resort – I could be very happy staying at Tom Sawyer’s; there were lots of places to explore and the Mississippi River was very inviting – even with the barges that continually travelled up and down. The Boss said she could imagine Tom Sawyer (whoever he is) fishing on the banks and both she and Mr. Big oohed and aahed at the sunrise!

Oklahoma, the Sooner State (I’ld sooner not go there ever again!) Maybe I should reconsider that statement as the Extreme RV Resort in Lake Eufaula, OK had the very biggest and greenest and hilliest (i.e., the best) dog park EVER (10 Bones)! I ran more in two days than I have in my entire life – it was as if I never had elbow dysplasia and major surgery or bad hips – I couldn’t stop! At first I kept colliding into the opposite bank, but I finally learned to turn at the last momement There was also a marina and an auditorium for outdoor concerts! We all agreed – a party place…

The Wanderlust Crossings RV Park in Weatherford, OK was like a newly-built suburban neighborhood – neat and very clean with young trees, and concrete-slab sites. I suppose it was ok if you are not interested in getting dirty… I was up early with the boss and we witnessed an amazing sunrise; I thought the sky was on fire. There was also a street sign post that seems to describe our trip!

On our way to the Fort Amarillo RV Park in Amarillo, Texas we stopped at an amazing rest area for lunch. We will only be here for the night – tomorrow, New Mexico! I can’t wait for Tre Leches Cake!.

‘Till next time, Women’s (and some men’s) best friend, Bones.

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