New Mexico – Land of Enchantment

The first half of November was spent being enchanted in New Mexico; Roswell, Alamogordo, and lastly Las Cruces.

Roswell, home of Area 51: B&B had big plans for ATVing at Haystack Mountain and the Mescalero Sand Dunes, but the Boss had hurt her back while playing catch-me-if-you-can with me and was still crying as we rolled into (the non-descript) Trailer Village RV Park in Roswell so, one dull and dreary day we took a day trip out to Bottomless Lakes State Park (I never even got out of the Silverado which, BTW, I love to ride in). Everyone was distressed about how dirty the park was, with trash strewn all over – even in the pretty greenish-blue water of the sinkholes. There were also plenty of dead fish floating around! How smelly!

We spent a week in Alamogordo at the White Sands KOA.  Considering the surrounding area (kind of run-down) the KOA was a surprise. It was well-kept and the sites were big and attractive – ours had a tree that shaded a cement patio, and I was able to be outside most of the morning (and night) and stay cool while watching all the activity.  One evening B&B visited White Sands National Park where they took a guided Sunset Stroll, and the Boss took advantage of the “golden” and “blue” hours (whatever they are) for her photography.  On another day B&B (again without me) hauled the ATV up to Cloudcroft, NM where they spent hours navigating off-road trails in the Lincoln National Forest.

Just so you know, on all ATV excursions the Boss uses her old, “little” camera for fear of dirt and dust doing damage to her new “good” camera and lenses; she now has three cameras, five interchangeable lenses, two tripods, two laptops, a tablet, two smartphones, an Apple Watch and a Go-Pro (she says she will be posting ATV rides on UTube – did I spell that correctly?).  There is barely any room in the Winnebago for me! 

Our last day trip was actually in the very late afternoon to the Lava Flow Fields in the Valley of Fires.  The Boss wanted to practice her sunset photography and get a shot of the Moon and some Planets (Venus and Jupiter, I think) setting in the early evening.

White Sands National Park

CloudCroft and the Lincoln National Forest

Overlooking the Lava Fields at the Valley of Fires

In Las Cruces we stayed at the KOA in Mr. Big’s favorite site – a pull-in on top of the hill overlooking the city, with a grill, a cement patio with iron-wrought chairs and table, a glider swing, and a big canopy to keep the sun off!  It was wonderfully cool, and I was in heaven…  The Boss has such great expectations – she really thought that there would be water in the Rio Grande River!  So far, the only river in New Mexico that we have seen with any water in it is the Pecos River near Roswell – every other one is dry, dry, dry!   Two days of ATVing in the Robledo Mountains and in the Aden OHV Area and a day trip to visit the Warbirds Air Museum in Santa Teresa completed our stay – I was left behind as usual and did not even get the “doggie bags” brought back from the various restaurants where B&B lunched – how mean of the Boss to gobble up the leftovers!

The Rio Grande River


At the Warbirds Air Museum

Next Stop – Arizona.  Bye for now, your friend

          Bad to the Bone “Bones”

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