About Me

My name is Sir Lance’s Arctic Ice Buster, but I answer to “Buster”, “Bussie”, “Busarooni”, “le Bus”, “Palskis”, “Pinocchio” (’cause I’m not a real boy), “Here Boy” (if you have a treat), and “Maxie” and “Whiskey” (the names of my predecessors).  I’m an eight year old Newfie and weigh in at a mere 135 pounds, which is small for my breed.  People always say “oh, what a handsome St. Bernard” or “I like your Bernese” or “I have a dog just like that but he is white and weighs 50 pounds”  – humans!

Born in Kansas, I have traveled all over the lower 48 States, Alaska, and 4 of the Territories and Provinces of Canada  – with my humans (henceforth to be lovingly referred to as “Mr. Big” and “the Boss”), and have gone swimming in the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, all of the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Columbia and the Sacramento Rivers (to name a few), and many Glacial pools.

In my Blog, it is I who will be providing the critique on the various states, cities, campgrounds, dog parks, attractions, beaches, events,  restaurants, and trails that we hit along the way (as well as providing commentary on life on-the-road in general).  So, please stay tuned and Bring on the Winnebago!!!  Buster.


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